Friday, March 9, 2012

Meshuggah - Bleed

This is so perfect for a fight to death. Imaging being surrounded by tons of people, with this song in the background, and two stupid people fighting fist to fist. Blood coming out their faces, one being unable to move, due to the internal bleeding. And, in some parts, all I can think of is one of the guys, trying to surrender, while being on the floor, and the other guy just making some little punches to its own hands, preparing to kill the former. And then, BAM! Three punches on the face, and the guy on the floor collapses. Bleeding, it's face completely destroyed. And the winner, as a trophy for himself, takes out the eyeballs of the dead guy, and even eats one. He then takes the dead corpse off the floor and inserts his hand through the chest and splits the body into two halves! He drinks the dead guy's blood and showers with it. The crowd celebrating for the awesome fight! Oh, yeah! \m/-_-\m/ I love my twisted mind \m/

AFI - Miss Murder (Long Version)

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