Friday, November 30, 2012

That Metal Show | Hard Rock and Heavy Metal | VH1 Classic

That Metal Show. The best show out there!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

7 year old Mini Band guitarist Zoe - Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N' Roses

This little girl has so much talent :O

Eluveitie - A Rose For Epona

Well, hello there. Norlan Bustillo X posting again for Metal's sake \m/. Today, I bring you a song from a band called Eluveitie (pronounced /ɛlˈveɪti/ el-vay-ti), a folk metal band from Winterthur, Switzerland. This song is called "A Rose For Epona", from their album Helvetios (2012). I really loved this song. It is folk, as you may have read already, meaning it is like "national" or "popular" music from a country. We can see instruments as flutes in the video. Really nice song ;).

Well. Did you like it? Please, post a comment letting us, William and I, know your opinion.
Until next post, Norlan Bustillo X says goodbye to you \m/.

Master of Puppets / One - Metallica

Marry me? :3

Rock On